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  • Bloomington Economic Development Council
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The 2002 Indiana IDEAS FESTIVAL

The Indiana IDEAS (Interactive Digital Environments Arts and Storytelling) Festival is an Indiana-wide competition and juried show of interactive entertainment, 3D, 2D, aural, virtual, animated and still creative work which was held April 20-21, 2002. The event was open to either individuals or groups of any age. Work has to have been completed after January 2000. Exhibits opened Saturday 12-3 with shows throughout the Telecommunications building and Studio 5. Exhibits opened Sunday at 4pm. The awards ceremony and keynote address by Peter Anders will took place Sunday at 5pm. Prizes were awarded in the following categories:
  • Best digital Sound and Music
    Scrap Metal by Ken Froehlich
  • Best Interactive/Live Performance (music, theater, VR)
    1st Place, Versomatic by Jeanette Castillo
  • Best Game/Simulation
    1st Place ParkingShark, Jeanette Castillo, Nan Lu, Michelle Sicuro, Deb Wagner, James Wigmore
    Honorable mention, KidGov by Kevin Martin
  • Best Digital Environment (includes 3D modeling, worlds, CAVE, sound installations)
    1st Place, Matt Powers
    Honorable Mention: Andrew Nelson
  • Best 2D Gesture (includes animation, elegance and inventiveness in moving communication)
    Angry/Calm by Goi Suntanont
  • Best 3D Gesture (includes animation, elegance and inventiveness in moving communication)
    Stucco's Mambo by Nathan Shipley

    Honorable Mention: Matt Williamson & Albert William
  • Best Screenful (includes 2D visual compositions, scientific and datavvisualizations)
    Vincent Hoon
    Honorable Mention: John Fillwalk & Darrin Frankovitz
  • Best Creative Computer Programming
    Phototag by Rick Dietz & Susan Brackney
  • People's Choice, Mr. Toast by David Levin
  • MIME Alumni Choice for Story
    First kiss by Evan Stauffer

This is an excellent opportunity for corporate sponsors to team up with an academic division which is producing extremely talented students in a vital new sector of the economy. If you would be interested in being one of the sponsors for the festival, having a prize offered in your company's name, or becoming a corporate partner of the Telecommunications Interactive Entertainment/Convergent Media area ( please contact Elena Bertozzi.

The festival planning committee includes: Elena Bertozzi and Thom Gillespie of Telecommunications (MIME), Margaret Dolinsky of the Henry Hope School of Fine Arts, Jeffery Hass of the School of Music and Rob Shakespeare of Theater and Drama. We thank all of these departments for their support.

eMail for more information about next years 2003 IDEAS festival

Last First Category Title
Abbott Steve Environment Virtual Winter Wonder
Anagnostou Fani Live James Dean
Beavers Kurtis Environment TreeHouse
Bendito Petronio Gesture Colordigits
Bendito Petronio Live Sound
Borner Katy Screenful Data Visualization
Carrington Blake Gesture Composition
Carrington Blake Gesture Metamorphoses
Castillo Jeanette Game Parking Shark
Castillo Jeanette Gesture Wrestling With Issues
Castillo Jeanette Live Versomatic
Deribreux Et Al Claire Game Clickclakc
Dietz Rick Programming Phototag
Duvall Et Al Lisa Programming Rainforest
Emerson Amy Environment Seasons
Esslinger Josh Programming Hendrix
Estep Allison Gesture Flash Animation1
Estep Allison Gesture Flash Animation2
Feng Jin Environment
Fillwalk John Screenful Intercere 11
Fillwalk John Screenful Intercere17
Fillwalk John Screenful Stratas 3
Fleetwood Josh Gesture Blue Crab
Fleetwood Josh Gesture Bandits Of Vermicelli
Frankovitz Darrin Screenful Einstein
Frankovitz Darrin Screenful Piece 2
Froelich Kenneth Live Scrap Metal
Fulda Jen Programming Origami
Harris Andy Environment Vr Tour Of Iupui
Hoon Vincent Screenful Form
Hoover Dan Live Paul Monroe
Hunter Andy Gesture Mayan
Isaacs Travis Screenful Mindsetsphere
Isaacs Travis Screenful Mindsetanatomy
Isaacs Travis Screenful Coldstare
Kim Anglan Gesture Driving License
Kim Anglan Gesture I'm The Person
Lee Gi Nyoung Live Buk
Lee Chris Live Booth Killed Lincoln
Lee Gi Nyoung Environment Gray &Purple
Lee Nick Screenful Time
Levin Dave Gesture Animated Story
Martin Kevin Game Kidgov
Martin Kevin Programming Kidgov
Miller Brian Gesture Trumpet
Mouton Alex Gesture Becomingbeingunseen
Mundy Owen Environment Evidence
Mundy Owen Screenful Evidence
Nelson Andrew Environment Chess And Planes
Nelson Andrew Environment Capitoline Temple
Powers Matthew Environment Glimpse
Redman Randall Live Tour Of Zoo
Reiner Lauren Live And Then There Was Light
Shiffman Jeff Environment Break 118
Shipley Nat Gesture Stucco's Mambo
Shipley Nat Gesture Monarch Mourning
Shipley Nat Game Zappa
Song YounSok Gesture Mirror First Time
Stauffer Evan Gesture First Kiss
Suntanont Goi Gesture Meaning Of Emotion
Suntanont Goi Gesture Picasso
Suntanont Goi Gesture Seasons
Wheeler John Gesture Chicken
William Albert Gesture Neuron
Williamson Matthew Gesture Duel
Yang Jin Shuin Gesture Puppett
Yang Hsinyi Gesture Home
Yang Hsinyi Gesture Artificial Env.

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